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April 20-25, 2015

Monday, April 20 – Amani Mustafa /Ministry to Muslim Women; Jim Cymbala/Storm (BOTH RECORDED) Women in the Muslim world can be challenging to reach with the gospel. On the next Live the Promise Susie is joined by television host Amani (a-MAN-ee) Mustafa, who shares about her weekly outreach program for women. Then Pastor Jim Cymbala of The Brooklyn Tabernacle talks about hearing God’s voice in today’s stormy world.

Tuesday, April 21 – Brant Hansen/Unoffendable – Bill and Pam Farrel/The Secret Language of Successful Couples

Sometimes it’s easier to just let things go. On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise, radio host Brant Hansen joins Susie to talk about giving up our “right” to be offendable. Then Susie’s good friends Bill and Pam Farrel are back as we explore the secret language of successful couples and how that language builds a foundation for intimacy.

Wednesday, April 22 – Stephan Bauman/Possible – Jeff Kinley/As It Was in the Days of Noah

What does it mean to truly serve a lost world? Listen to Susie’s powerful conversation with Stephan Bauman (BAO-man), President of World Relief. Stephan shares his vision for impacting the world for Christ. Then Jeff Kinley of Main Thing Ministries returns and unpacks how to read the ‘signs of the times’ that signal Jesus’ return.

Thursday, April 23 – Tracie Miles/Your Life Still Counts – Preston Sprinkle/Charis

God makes beautiful things out of the ashes of our choices. On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with Proverbs 31 speaker Tracie Miles about her own story of how God redeemed a painful choice. Then pastor Preston Sprinkle unpacks the amazing truth of God giving us what we don’t deserve – grace.

Friday, April 24 – Shauna Niequist/Savor – Aaron and Ben Pierce (IN STUDIO)/Steiger International

What does it mean to savor every moment we’re given? Author Shauna Niequest (NEE-quist) joins the Friday edition of Live the Promise to talk about finding abundance in daily life. Then Aaron and Sam Pierce of Steiger International join Susie in studio to talk about a global outreach to secular youth.

Saturday, April 25 – Matt Gilman – The Artist’s Corner – God gives every person a unique story, and we can show His glory by sharing it with others. How are you sharing your story? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by worship leader Matt Gilman. We hear Matt’s testimony and heart for God as we listen to his songs.






April 13-18, 2015

Monday, April 13 – Carter Conlon/The 180 Christian; Dr. Gary Chapman with Nancy Leigh DeMoss/Forgiveness Following Christ means serving others instead of gathering things for ourselves. On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with Pastor Carter Conlon. He shares lessons from the Corinthian church about sacrifice and excess. Then we unpack the process of apology and forgiveness with Dr. Gary Chapman and Revive Our Heart’s Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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Friday, April 17 – Max Lucado/Prayer; Chuck Swindoll/Abraham (RECORDED) - Do you struggle to pray? On the next Live the Promise you’ll hear Susie’s powerful conversation with author Max Lucado about the power of the ‘pocket prayer.’ Then Faith Radio programmer Chuck Swindoll of Insight for Living shares key lessons from the life of Abraham.

Saturday, April 18 – Matthew Barnett/Misfits Welcome If you’ve ever felt out of place in this world, you have a place in God’s kingdom. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise we’ll hear Susie’s conversation with Matthew Barnett of the Dream Center about how God loves using misfits.


April 6-11, 2015

Monday, April 6 – Ron Rhodes/Bible Answers What does original sin really mean? What does the Bible say about Jesus’ return? How did His death on the cross purchase our salvation? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by Bible scholar Ron Rhodes to tackle your questions about God, faith, and heaven!

Tuesday, April 7 – Michael Ross/Worry-Free Living; Carol Barnier/Engaging Prodigals Worry can drain us of joy and direction. On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with journalist Michael Ross about how to manage worry and anxiety in our day to day life. Then author Carol Barnier (barn-YAY) will share her own prodigal journey and give us some practical guidance for engaging those who have left the church.

Wednesday, April 8 – Craig von Buseck/Praying the News; Dr. Greg Smalley/Relationships How can we pray over current events? On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise Craig von Buseck (BOO-zeck) is back for another edition of Grace and Truth. He’ll help us think biblically about items in the news. Then Dr. Greg Smalley of Focus on the Family returns to talk about building healthy marriages and families.

Thursday, April 9 – Patsy Clairmont/You Are More Than You Know; Tullian Tchividjian/It Is Finished Do you wrestle with living by faith? On the next Live the Promise we hear from Women of Faith speaker Patsy Clairmont. She shares what she’s learned about living in faith-based freedom. Then pastor Tullian Tchividjian (cha-VID-jinn) walks us through the substitution of Christ and what it means that, in Jesus’ words, IT IS FINISHED.

Friday, April 10 – Jon Ferguson/Returning to God; Jeff Nene/Convoy of Hope Sometimes we want more in our faith – a deeper connection with God. Listen as Susie welcomes Jon Ferguson to the program to talk about true intimacy with God. Then Jeff Nene (NEE-NEE) of Convoy of Hope joins us to talk about the power of serving and being the hands and feet of Christ.

Saturday, April 11 – Chip Ingram/Culture Shock – How can we talk about today’s cultural issues in an engaging way? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with Faith Radio programmer Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge about speaking the truth in love. Chip’s book is Culture Shock.



March 30 - April 1, 2015

Monday, March 30 – Os Guinness/Renaissance; Sara Hagerty/Every Bitter Thing is Sweet (RECORDED) Do you believe the gospel has the power to revive a dying society? Listen as Susie welcomes social commentator Os Guinness back to the program to talk about the call on Christians to shine light in the darkness. Then Sara Hagerty shares how God became her joy when she wrestled with infertility.

Tuesday, March 31 – Rob Bentz/The Unfinished Church; Matt Brown (IN STUDIO)/ Awakening (Bill Arnold hosts) The church is a collection of people who are not perfect, but in process. On the next Live the Promise guest host Bill Arnold talks with Rob Bentz about extending grace to those around us. Then evangelist Matt Brown joins the program to talk about movements of God around the world.

Wednesday, April 1 – Scotty Smiley/Hope Unseen; Joni Eareckson Tada/Erwin Lutzer/Jesus’ Faithfulness (RECORDED) God is present in our darkness. On the next Live the Promise Susie is talking with Major Scotty Smiley. He shares his faith journey and how God sustained him after losing his eyesight in Iraq. Then we look at Jesus’ promises to raise, rule, and return – with input from Joni Eareckson Tada and Dr. Erwin Lutzer.

Thursday, April 2 – Nancy Ortberg/Looking for God; Ray Pritchard/The Last Supper We can see God working in unexpected places. On this edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with author Nancy Ortberg about learning to look for God. Then author and speaker Ray Pritchard joins us to talk about the spiritual dynamics of the Last Supper and the warfare that surrounded the last hours of Jesus’ life.

Friday, April 3 – Stephen Mansfield/Killing Jesus; Michael Card/A Violent Grace (RECORDED) – He was put to death for claiming to be God, and today we look behind the scenes of the trial. On the Good Friday edition of Live the Promise, Susie welcomes best-selling author Stephen Mansfield back to explore the gripping story of the trial and death of Jesus. Then singer-songwriter Michael Card leads us through a collection of meditations on Christ and the cross.

Saturday, April 4 – Alec Rowlands/The Presence – How does our relationship with God affect our lives? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise we hear Susie’s conversation with Dr. Alec Rowlands about the presence of God and how we can intentionally pursue intimacy with Him every day.




March 23 - 28, 2015

Monday, March 23 – Jen Pollock Michel/Teach Us to Want; Holly Melton/Follow My Lead What does it mean to have God-shaped desires? On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with Jen Pollock Michel about what it means to redeem our desires. Then evangelist Holly Melton joins us to share powerful stories of lives changed, when we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, March 24 – Mark Alan (IN STUDIO)/The Art of Bravery; Bill Farrel/7 Simple Skills for Every Man (part 2) God can empower us to be courageous in every circumstance. On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise, worship leader Mark Alan joins Susie in studio to lead us in a discussion about being brave. Then marriage and family speaker Bill Farrel returns to revisit the seven simple skills every man should know.

Wednesday, March 25 – Adam Stadtmiller/Praying for Your Elephant; Kathy Koch/Screens and Teens Are you afraid to ask for big things in prayer? Listen as guest host Bill Arnold talks with Adam Stadtmiller. He shares how God responds when we ask for things that only He can deliver. Then Dr. Kathy Koch (COOK) unpacks how to connect with our teens in a fast-paced world.

Thursday, March 26 – Susie/Humility and Pride (Recorded); Jon Weece/Jesus Prom (Recorded) Our culture holds up pride as a positive trait. On this edition of Live the Promise Susie unpacks the aim and power of humility, with input from Andy Stanley and John Dickson. Then Jon Weece returns to talk about how to practically live out the message of Christ in our daily life.

Friday, March 27 – Heather Kopp/Sober Mercies; Dr. Glenn Pickering (IN STUDIO)/Relationships – God can deliver us from addictions – and Heather Kopp knows that full well. On the Friday edition of Live the Promise Bill Arnold talks with Heather about the God who saves from alcoholism. Then Dr. Glenn Pickering returns to lead us through establishing God-honoring relationships.

Saturday, March 28 – Caryn Rivadeneira/Broke – When financial crisis comes, we learn that God is our Rock. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with author Caryn Rivadeneira about how to lean on God for our daily bread in difficult seasons.