Alone in Marriage (Book)

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Alone Book Cover 220x340.jpg

Alone in Marriage (Book)


Encouragement for the Times When it's all up to You

Any woman married for an extended period of time will endure a one-sided season in marriage (husbands endure one-sided seasons too, but this book is for women). For example, husbands get sick, battle depression, overwork, face a job crisis, or serve overseas in the military. Life happens, the weight shifts, and suddenly you're carrying more than you bargained for. Anger, fear, worry, and disappointment are common byproducts of a one-sided season in marriage. Yet, it's possible not only survive these seasons, but to thrive in them. Let Susie Larson serve as an experienced and encouraging friend who can help you:

  • Navigate a one-sided season in marriage without bitterness
  • Sense God's peace during an alone period in marriage
  • Refresh your mind with God's Word
  • Experience freedom from attitudes that weigh you down
  • Feel God's presence in the midst of your husband's absence

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