Your Powerful Prayers (DVD Companion)

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Your Powerful Prayers DVD Cover.jpg

Your Powerful Prayers (DVD Companion)


In six powerful 25-minute sessions that expand on her book Your Powerful Prayers, Susie Larson explores more deeply the secrets to effective prayer. Each session focuses on biblical ways to reach the heart of God:

1. How to Pray Through Disappointment
2. How to Pray When You Forget Who You Are
3. How to Pray from an Heir Perspective
4. How to Pray from Victory
5. How to Pray with Perseverance
6. How to Pray with Eternity in Mind

Together, Your Powerful Prayers and this DVD make an ideal six-week study--whether you meet in a large group at church or in a smaller, more intimate gathering at home.

Note to leaders: Each DVD session serves as a catalyst for group discussion and can be viewed before or after reading the corresponding chapters.


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