The all-powerful God of the universe loves us and wants to talk with us—but it doesn’t always seem that way. Why is prayer so hard at times? And why are some prayers answered while others are not? Susie Larson knows the struggle. But through the years she has learned to pray with confidence and joy, approaching God as His beloved child.

In this warm and wise book, Susie shares how you, too, can reach the heart of God. Discover how to:
    • Pray more persistently, humbly, and boldly
    • Overcome common hindrances to effective prayer
    • Combine reverence, expectancy, and a tenacious hold on God’s promises

Prayer isn’t merely a means to an end. God invites you to an intimate and profound dialogue with Him, to experience His movement in your life, and to know His overwhelming joy, power, and peace. Experience God’s presence as He strengthens your faith, encourages your heart, and shifts your perspective.  

Includes reflection questions for personal or group use. A DVD study companion is also available separately.

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Why is prayer so hard at times—is it even worth it?

Experience God’s Presence and Power

In six powerful 30-minute sessions that expand on her book Your Powerful Prayers, Susie Larson explores more deeply the secrets to effective prayer. Each session focuses on biblical ways to reach the heart of God:

  1. How to Pray Through Disappointment
  2. How to Pray When You Forget Who You Are
  3. How to Pray from an Heir Perspective
  4. How to Pray from Victory
  5. How to Pray with Perseverance
  6. How to Pray with Eternity in Mind

Together, Your Powerful Prayers and this DVD make an ideal six-week study—whether you meet in a large group at church or in a smaller, more intimate gathering at home.

May this be the start of a more joyful and powerful prayer life!

Note to leaders: Each DVD session serves as a catalyst for group discussion and can be viewed before or after reading the corresponding chapters.


What People Are Saying:


“If you long for a more intimate relationship with God, this book will be a gift to your soul.”
—Sheila Walsh, bestselling author and Bible teacher

“I suspect the enemy of our souls will do all he can to keep believers away from this excellent book. Susie Larson has a word for you—a wonderful word of strength, hope, and an empowered prayer life.”
—Dr. Mark Rutland, New York Times bestselling author

“My life will never be the same because of Susie’s prayers over me. And now, neither will yours! Drawing from the riches of God’s Word and the power of His Spirit, Susie will empower and equip you to rise up and boldly claim what is yours in Christ through powerful prayers that move the heart of God!”
—Renee Swope, word-lover, grace-needer, and bestselling author of A Confident Heart

Your Powerful Prayers truly is powerful! Susie Larson teaches us how to pray and reveals the miraculous ways God answers our prayers. Deep biblical truths and meaningful stories are woven throughout this life-changing resource. You’ll write ‘Yes!’ across every page. I did!”
—Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

“If you read only one book this year, make it this one! Apply the principles in this book and you’ll discover how to listen to God’s voice through Scripture and how to pray God’s Word. I highly recommend it. Your Powerful Prayers will transform the way you talk to God.”
—Carol Kent, speaker and author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

“Susie is a good friend—approachable and authentic, encouraging and empathetic, faithful and fun. But most of all, she is the kind of friend who doesn’t disguise her friendship with Jesus. This book lacks camouflage and costumes, makeup and masks. It’s clear and concise, and I found myself thinking about it the rest of the day.”
—Jon Weece, author and lead follower at Southland Christian Church, Kentucky


Dig Deeper Into Your Powerful Prayers

Whether you’re reading Your Powerful Prayers on your own or within a Bible study group, get the most out of your study with these additional resources.

Enrich your study with the free, downloadable Your Powerful Prayers Workbook.

The Your Powerful Prayers Workbook will go beyond the Reflection Questions provided in the book and DVD, connecting the message to additional Scripture passages and inviting you to think more deeply about what you’ve learned and practice powerful prayers.

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We need to crawl out of our smaller story so we can see all that God is up to in and around us.
— @SusieLarson #YourPowerfulPrayers

God will time out His answers in a way that strengthens our faith and softens our heart.
— @SusieLarson #YourPowerfulPrayers

Spiritual orphans beg and plead. Heirs pray and believe.
— @SusieLarson #YourPowerfulPrayers

If God makes us wait for an answer, it’s because the answer isn’t temporary. It’s eternal.
— @SusieLarson #YourPowerfulPrayers

The power in your prayers is directly connected to God’s power in your life.
— @SusieLarson #YourPowerfulPrayers