conversations that bring scripture to life

November 17 - 22, 2014

Monday, November 17 – Michael Ross/ Worry-Free Living; Deb DeArmond/In-Law Relationships  Do you wrestle with anxiety and stress? The truth is, worry can become an epidemic and impact the rest of your family. Listen as Susie talks with Michael Ross about his book, Worry-Free LivingWe unpack how to minimize stress in our day to day life and interrupt the cycle of anxious living. Second hour Deb DeArmond shares how we can manage and strengthen our in-law relationships!

Tuesday, November 18 – Max Lucado (Recorded)/The Story; Bo Stern/When Holidays Hurt How can we see our lives and journeys as part of a larger story? Listen to Susie’s powerful conversation with Max Lucado. Max shares how God is writing a story with our faith and circumstances. Then author Bo Stern will offer hope for those walking into the holidays with heartache.

Wednesday, November 19 – Matthew Barnett/Misfits Welcome; Greg Smalley/Strong Relationships If you’ve ever felt out of place in this world, you have a place in God’s kingdom. On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with Matthew Barnett about how God loves using misfits. Then Dr. Greg Smalley is back to field your questions on building healthy, God-centered relationships.

Thursday, November 20 – Laurie P. Short/Finding Faith in the Dark; David Zach/The Artist’s Corner – What happens when life takes a turn we didn’t expect? On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with Laurie Short. We explore the steps to take when our dreams take a detour. Then musician David Zach of Remedy Drive joins the program to share his music and faith journey.

Friday, November 21 – Dan Allender/The Healing Path; Jen Hatmaker/Interrupted (Both Recorded) –We all have wounds in our past. What does God call us to do with our pain? On the next Live the Promise we hear Susie’s conversation with Dan Allender about using the difficult things in our past to grow in our faith, and walk The Healing Path. Then Jen Hatmaker talks about living for Christ in uncomfortable places.

Saturday, November 22 – Quenton Marty – Resourceful Faith What does it mean to be resourceful and serve the city and the nation in Jesus’ Name? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Quenton Marty of Hope for the City (now MatterMore) joins Susie in studio to talk about the fantastic ministry being done through clothing donations, food drives and more for the kingdom.