conversations that bring scripture to life

November 10 - 15, 2014

Monday, November 10 – Tricia Lott Williford/And Life Comes Back; Susie Larson - Be WISE  Tricia Lott Williford’s husband died unexpectedly, leaving her grieving and a single parent. But God promises to redeem and restore our losses. She joins Susie to talk about how God brought comfort in the aftermath of her grief. Then Susie unpacks what it means to be wise and why it matters. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. How do we cultivate wisdom in our lives? Using WISE as an acronym, Susie will unpack four important aspects of wisdom in the heart of the believer.

Tuesday, November 11 – Scotty Smiley/Hope Unseen; Jami Kaeb/The Forgotten Initiative God is present in our darkness. On the next Live the Promise Susie is talking with Major Scotty Smiley. He shares his faith journey and how God sustained him after losing his eyesight in Iraq. Then Jami Kaeb joins us to look at how the Church can get involved and minister to orphans in the foster care system.

Wednesday, November 12 – Phil Callaway/Laughter and Faith; Greg Smalley/Strong Relationships Why is laughter an important component for life and faith? On the next Live the Promise Susie talks again with author and comedian Phil Callaway. Then Dr. Greg Smalley is back to field your questions on building healthy, God-centered relationships.

Thursday, November 13 – Jessica Hutchens (IN STUDIO)/The Artist’s Corner; Sophia Nelson/The Woman’s Code – What does it mean to walk closely with God? On the Thursday edition of Live the Promise Susie welcomes singer-songwriter Jessica Hutchens to the studio to share her music, faith journey, and battle with Lyme’s disease. Then author Sophia Nelson joins the program to look at the codes and habits of a healthy life.

Friday, November 14 – Ron Luce/Resilient; Jeff Hill/Serenity Village (IN STUDIO) –We have a strong foundation for faith, even in the shakiest of circumstances. Listen as Susie speaks with Ron Luce, president of Teen Mania Ministries, about building a strong walk with God. Then Pastor Jeff Hill of Serenity Village Community Church shares his journey from addiction and heartbreak to redemption and full life in Christ.

Saturday, November 15 – Quenton Marty – Resourceful Faith What does it mean to be resourceful and serve the city and the nation in Jesus’ Name? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Quenton Marty of Hope for the City (now MatterMore) joins Susie in studio to talk about the fantastic ministry being done through clothing donations, food drives and more for the kingdom.