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September 1 - 6, 2014

This Week on Live the Promise

Monday, September 1 – Ron Rhodes (RECORDED) – Bible Answers with Ron Rhodes – What does the Bible say about abortion? What does election mean? Can Satan hear our thoughts? On the next Live the Promise Bible scholar Ron Rhodes joins Susie for both hours to tackle your questions about faith, the Trinity, and the end times.

Tuesday, September 2 – Mark Batterson/Ray Pritchard – Grave Robber/Stealth Attack Jesus has the power to revive dead things. Listen as Susie welcomes Pastor Mark Batterson back to the program to talk about our miracle-working God. Then Ray Pritchard, president of Keep Believing ministries, joins us to talk about overcoming spiritual warfare.

Wednesday, September 3 – Craig von Buseck/Les Parrott (RECORDED) – Grace and Truth/Fighting Well In such a polarized culture, where speaking your mind can result in harsh anger, what does it mean to engage culture and current events with Grace and Truth? Listen as Susie talks with veteran reporter Craig von Buseck (BOO-zeck) about interceding with humble confidence. We also hear from marriage expert Les Parrott about learning to laugh through conflict.

Thursday, September 4 – Charles Morris/Walt and Barb Larimore (RECORDED) – Missing Jesus/Brain Science – Do you feel that you’re missing something crucial in your daily life? Listen to Susie’s conversation with Charles Morris. We unpack the mystery of faith and talk about why the most well-intended, ritualized religion is empty and stagnant without Jesus. Then we explore the brains of men and women with Barb and Walt Larimore. We’ll talk about embracing our God-given differences!

Friday, September 5 – Matt Keller/Jim Cymbala (RECORDED) – God of the Underdogs/Spirit Rising Do you feel too weak or broken to be used by God? Here’s an enduring truth: God is powerful enough to use even the least of us. Author and pastor Matt Keller says God delights in using ‘underdogs’ for His purposes, and he joins us to explain why. Then pastor Jim Cymbala talks about who the Holy Spirit is and how we can depend on His power.

Saturday, September 6 – Nik Ripken – The Insanity of Obedience Sometimes God leads us to do something that looks crazy and risky to the rest of the world. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, author Nik Ripken joins Susie to share his message of global discipleship and issue a call for us to live radical Christ-centered lives, regardless of the cost.