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October 26-31, 2015

Monday, October 26 – Tyler Reagin/Leadership (Recorded); Bethany Hoang (IN STUDIO)/God’s Heart for Justice What does it mean to have a vision for leadership? On the next Live the Promise, Susie talks with Tyler Reagin (RAY-gin), who shares key principles of leading in a Christ-like, servant-hearted manner. Then Bethany Hoang of International Justice Mission joins us to talk about how to serve God by fighting human trafficking.

Tuesday, October 27 – Michael Ross/Worry-Free Living; Carol Barnier/Engaging Prodigals (Both Hours Recorded) Worry can drain us of joy and direction. Listen as Susie talks with journalist Michael Ross about how to manage worry and anxiety in our day to day life. Then author Carol Barnier (barn-YAY) will share her own prodigal journey and give us some practical guidance for engaging those who have left the church.

Wednesday, October 28 – Mark Merrill/7 Things Husbands and Wives Should Stop Doing (Both Hours Recorded) – Sometimes we unknowingly do things that sabotage our marriage. On the next Live the Promise, you’ll hear two powerful conversations Susie had with Mark Merrill. He challenges husbands and wives to stop doing seven specific things, and start loving their spouses the way God loves them.

Thursday, October 29 – Barnabas Piper/Help My Unbelief; Nancy Ortberg/Seeing in the Dark (Both Hours Recorded) – How can we trust Jesus when we have doubts? On the Thursday edition of Live the Promise Susie and author Barnabas Piper explore the tension between faith and unbelief. Then Nancy Ortberg returns to the program to talk about trusting God when we’re walking in dark places.

Friday, October 30 – Don Everts/Engaging Postmodern Skeptics; Naghmeh Abedini/Pray for Saeed (Both Hours Recorded) – How can we engage the culture? Outreach minister Don Everts joins the program to talk about using everyday language to reach prodigals and unbelievers with the gospel. Then we’ll hear Susie’s conversation with Naghmeh Abedini (NOGG-may) about how to pray for her husband Saeed, imprisoned in Iran for his faith.

Saturday, October 31 – Liz Curtis Higgs – Redemption Stories – Everyone has a past in the kingdom of God. But He can redeem the darkest decisions. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Susie welcomes back Liz Curtis Higgs. We look at the story of the witch of Endor as told in the book of 1 Samuel, and how God worked in her story to advance His purposes.