conversations that bring scripture to life

November 30-December 5, 2015

Monday, November 30 – Elisa Morgan/Hello Beauty Full; Daniel Henderson/The Deeper Life – Women in every culture struggle with feeling beautiful. On the Monday edition of Live the Promise Elisa Morgan shares how to break free from lies and focus instead on how God sees you. Then pastor Daniel Henderson explores the eight deepest longings of the heart, and how relationship with Christ meets every one.

Tuesday, December 1 – Tom Yeakley/Praying God’s Promises; Kate McCord/Dangerous Places – There is power in praying the Word of God in our daily life. Listen as Tom Yeakley (YAKE-lee) of the Navigators unpacks how to pray over God’s promises. Then Kate McCord (not her real name) joins us to talk about her time living in Afghanistan after 9/11 and why God calls us to dangerous places.

Wednesday, December 2 – Nik Ripken/The Insanity of Obedience; Greg Smalley/Relationships – Do you value Christ more than life? Listen as author Nik Ripken returns to give us an update on the persecuted church and challenge us to live a sold-out faith. Then Focus on the Family’s Dr. Greg Smalley joins the program to talk about God-centered relationships.

Thursday, December 3 – Peter and Carolyn Haas (In Studio)/Broken Escalators; Vicki Courtney/Rest Assured –We tend to view happiness as an outcome of our circumstances – but it’s truly connected to our relationship with God. Listen as Peter and Carolyn Haas join Susie in studio to talk about faith, dreams, and God’s presence. Then Vicki Courtney offers steps to rest and recovery for the weary soul.

Friday, December 4 – Peter and Kelli Worrall/20 Things We Would Tell Our 20-something Selves; Susie/Spiritual reset (Both Hours Recorded) – If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be? On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with Peter and Kelli Worrall about 20 things to tell your 20-something self. Then we’ll take time for a spiritual reset. Susie spends some time unpacking the stages of worrying, wondering, and waiting.

Saturday, December 5 – Gerard and Jeannie Long – Awakening to God – God is faithful in the midst of a deep valley of suffering. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise you’ll hear Susie’s powerful conversation with Gerard and Jeannie Long. They share the painful journey of the loss of two of their children as well as a new ministry that has come from the grief.