conversations that bring scripture to life

February 9 - 14, 2015

Monday, February 9 – Susie (Recorded)/Spiritual reset; Kristin Feola/Spiritually Strong There are seasons of running, and seasons of rest. Where are you today? On the next Live the Promise we’re taking some time for a spiritual reset through worship and Scripture. Then author Kristin Feola joins Susie to talk about the connection between physical and spiritual health.

Tuesday, February 10 – Barnabas Piper/The Pastor’s Kid; Paul White and Harold Myra/Coworker Relationships Some people walk out their faith under constant scrutiny. On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise Barnabas Piper joins us to talk about what it’s like to be the son of a well-known pastor. Then Paul White and Harold Myra help us navigate coworker relationships with principles from their new book, Sync or Swim.

Wednesday, February 11 – Matt Heard/Life with a Capital L; Carol Barnier/Engaging Today’s Prodigal What does it mean to live a life that is fully passionate for Christ? On the next Live the Promise Matt Heard issues a challenge for us to embrace the Christ-filled life. Then author Carol Barnier will share her own prodigal journey and give us some practical guidance for engaging those who have left the church.

Thursday, February 12 – Matt Brown (In Studio)/Awakening; John Dickson/The Doubter’s Guide to the Bible – What does it mean to awaken to God? On the next Live the Promise evangelist Matt Brown joins Susie to explore the awakened Christian life. Then John Dickson returns to the program. He shares his own journey of faith to Christ and invites those who wrestle with faith to take a closer look at the Bible.

Friday, February 13 – Kevin Larson (Recorded)/Lessons Learned in Marriage; Dannah Gresh/Pulling Back the Shades – Marriage is meant to make us holy, but there are plenty of funny and happy memories along the way. On the next Live the Promise you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with her husband Kevin. They look back over 30 years of marriage and reflect on God’s faithfulness. Then author Dannah Gresh talks about true, authentic intimacy.

Saturday, February 14 – Craig and Amy Groeschel – From This Day Forward When we take vows, what does it mean to keep them? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with pastor Craig Groeschel of and his wife Amy about keeping the vow of marriage and five key pillars of marital commitment.