conversations that bring scripture to life

April 6-11, 2015

Monday, April 6 – Ron Rhodes/Bible Answers What does original sin really mean? What does the Bible say about Jesus’ return? How did His death on the cross purchase our salvation? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by Bible scholar Ron Rhodes to tackle your questions about God, faith, and heaven!

Tuesday, April 7 – Michael Ross/Worry-Free Living; Carol Barnier/Engaging Prodigals Worry can drain us of joy and direction. On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with journalist Michael Ross about how to manage worry and anxiety in our day to day life. Then author Carol Barnier (barn-YAY) will share her own prodigal journey and give us some practical guidance for engaging those who have left the church.

Wednesday, April 8 – Craig von Buseck/Praying the News; Dr. Greg Smalley/Relationships How can we pray over current events? On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise Craig von Buseck (BOO-zeck) is back for another edition of Grace and Truth. He’ll help us think biblically about items in the news. Then Dr. Greg Smalley of Focus on the Family returns to talk about building healthy marriages and families.

Thursday, April 9 – Patsy Clairmont/You Are More Than You Know; Tullian Tchividjian/It Is Finished Do you wrestle with living by faith? On the next Live the Promise we hear from Women of Faith speaker Patsy Clairmont. She shares what she’s learned about living in faith-based freedom. Then pastor Tullian Tchividjian (cha-VID-jinn) walks us through the substitution of Christ and what it means that, in Jesus’ words, IT IS FINISHED.

Friday, April 10 – Jon Ferguson/Returning to God; Jeff Nene/Convoy of Hope Sometimes we want more in our faith – a deeper connection with God. Listen as Susie welcomes Jon Ferguson to the program to talk about true intimacy with God. Then Jeff Nene (NEE-NEE) of Convoy of Hope joins us to talk about the power of serving and being the hands and feet of Christ.

Saturday, April 11 – Chip Ingram/Culture Shock – How can we talk about today’s cultural issues in an engaging way? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with Faith Radio programmer Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge about speaking the truth in love. Chip’s book is Culture Shock.