conversations that bring scripture to life

May 4 - 9, 2015

Monday, May 4 – Ron Rhodes/Bible Answers What does original sin really mean? What does the Bible say about Jesus’ return? How did His death on the cross purchase our salvation? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by Bible scholar Ron Rhodes to tackle your questions about God, faith, and heaven!

Tuesday, May 5 – Joshua Ross and Jonathan Storment/Bringing Heaven to Earth – Pete Wilson/The Cure for Anxiety

God’s kingdom is at work here, in our midst. Listen as Susie talks with Jonathan Storment and Joshua Ross about how to have an eternal impact in this present life. Then pastor Pete Wilson shares what he’s learned about choosing faith over anxiety.

Wednesday, May 6 – Craig von Buseck/Praying the News; Dr. Greg Smalley/Relationships How can we pray over current events? On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise Craig von Buseck (BOO-zeck) is back for another edition of Grace and Truth. He’ll help us think biblically about items in the news. Then Dr. Greg Smalley of Focus on the Family returns to talk about building healthy marriages and families.

Thursday, May 7 – Lisa Whittle/I Want God; Kay Wills Wyma/Battling Comparison

What does it mean for our soul to long for God? Listen as Lisa Whittle shares about soul hunger and the peace and rest we find only in Him. Then Kay Wills Wyma joins Susie to talk about how to get free from the sin of comparison and embrace the circumstances God has given you.

Friday, May 8 – Tricia Lott Williford/The New Normal; Drs. Russ Berg and George Kenworthy/Saving Marriage (In Studio)

What does it mean to find a “new normal”? On the Friday edition of Live the Promise, Tricia Lott Williford shares what she’s learned about rebuilding her family after the sudden death of her husband. Then Drs. Russ Berg and George Kenworthy join us in studio to talk about bringing marriages back from the brink of divorce.

Saturday, May 9 – Lisa-Jo Baker – Surprised by Motherhood

Motherhood is more than a serious of checklists and parenting books. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, Susie talks with Lisa-Jo Baker. She shares her own adventure of resisting, and then embracing, the journey and lessons of motherhood. We also talk about how to honor women who step into the parenting world.