conversations that bring scripture to life

July 13 - 18, 2015

Monday, July 13 – Lisa Whittle/I Want God; Susie/Say Yes to God’s Wisdom and Power Our souls were designed to be filled by God’s presence. On the next Live the Promise Lisa Whittle invites us to step away from distractions and into a deep relationship with God. Then Susie takes your calls and unpacks a message from her new book about how to say ‘yes’ to God’s wisdom and power in your life.

Tuesday, July 14 – Jeff and Kristie Kerr (In Studio)/Choosing Jesus; Gary Thomas/Sacred Influence – We follow the God of the Bible. But do our lives really reflect that? On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by Jeff and Kristie Kerr. We talk about how to live in a Christ-like way. Then Gary Thomas invites wives to embrace their God-given influence in the lives of their husbands.

Wednesday, July 15 – Mike Yankoski/The Sacred Year; Dr. Greg Smalley/Relationships When your heart feels dry, how can you reconnect with God? Listen as Susie and Mike Yankoski look at Christian disciplines that can re-ignite your faith. Then Focus on the Family’s Dr. Greg Smalley joins the program to talk about God-centered relationships.

Thursday, July 16 – Dr. Mark Rutland/Relaunch; Lisa Bevere/Fierce Faith – What does it look like for God to revive a dying organization? Dr. Mark Rutland joins Susie to share lessons in vision, leadership, and faith. Then Lisa Bevere of Messenger International returns with a special message for women of courage and prayer.

Friday, July 17 – Fouad Masri/Connecting with Muslims; Matt Chandler/The Mingling of Souls (Both Hours Recorded) – Ramadan is a time when we can be praying for Muslims around the world. Listen as Susie and Fouad Masri talk about how to start an inter-faith dialogue with Muslim friends and neighbors. Then Matt Chandler explores God’s design for marriage.

Saturday, July 18 – Bethany Hoang – Justice

What does it mean to have a heart for justice? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, Bethany Hoang of International Justice Mission joins Susie to share her passion for justice. We look at what God calls His people to do on behalf of the poor and oppressed.