conversations that bring scripture to life

January 25-30, 2016

Monday, January 25 – Sarah Kallies (IN STUDIO)/The Artist’s Corner; Patty Houser/A Woman’s Guide to Knowing What You Believe How does God connect with us and minister in our circumstances? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise Susie welcomes songwriter Sarah Kallies to the studio to share her music, story and passion for Christ. Then author and speaker Patty Houser joins the program to talk about faith, theology, and what it means to work out your own beliefs.

Tuesday, January 26 – Adam McHugh/The Listening Life; Greg Laurie/Sharing Your Faith We live in a world that is loud and clamors for our attention. On the next Live the Promise Pastor Adam McHugh joins us to explore how to cultivate attentiveness and patience in a busy, harried world. Then we talk about sharing and living out the true gospel with input from Faith Radio programmer Greg Laurie of A New Beginning!

Wednesday, January 27 – Laura Harris Smith/Faith Detox; Jeremiah Johnston/Unanswered What does it mean to detox your life? Listen as Laura Harris Smith offers tips and principles for healthy living from a physical and spiritual perspective. Then, what do you wrestle with in your faith? Dr. Jeremiah Johnston returns to the program to tackle the biggest questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity.

Thursday, January 28 – Owen Strachan/Risky Gospel; Liz Curtis Higgs/Redemption Stories The Christian life is one filled with joy, challenge, and risk. What may be holding you back from living it fully? On the next Live the Promise social commentator Owen Strachan (STRAN) joins us to share his views on the risk-filled, engaging life of the Christian. Then author and speaker Liz Curtis Higgs is back to talk about God’s redemption in the lives of Old Testament women.

Friday, January 29 – Brad Hewitt/Finances; Jeff Manion/The Land Between (BOTH HOURS RECORDED) When God gives us resources, we’re called to use them to bless others. On the Friday edition of Live the Promise Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial, offers wise counsel for handling money. Then pastor Jeff Manion joins the program. We explore what we can learn and cultivate in our faith and character in times of difficult transitions.

Saturday, January 30 – Matt Keller – Teachability What is teachability, and why is it a key to success? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise we’ll hear Susie’s powerful conversation with pastor and author Matt Keller. They walk through the biblical principles of humility and teachability and talk about what it means to be someone who is willing to receive, and learn from, correction.