conversations that bring scripture to life

February 1-6, 2016

Monday, February 1 – Ron Rhodes – Bible Answers What are we to do with passages in Scripture that are challenging to understand? Listen as Susie welcomes back scholar Ron Rhodes for the February edition of Bible Answers. He’ll address your questions on the end times, the nature of Christ, and more!

Tuesday, February 2 – Nik Ripken/The Insanity of Obedience; Preston Sprinkle/People to be Loved – Do you value Christ more than life? On the next Live the Promise author Nik Ripken returns to give us an update on the persecuted church and challenge us to live a sold-out faith. Then, how can we see those who struggle with same-sex attraction with a heart of compassion? Susie and Preston Sprinkle explore the challenging topic of homosexuality.

Wednesday, February 3 – Dr. John Townsend/The Cure for Entitlement; Dr. Greg Smalley/Relationships – Pride can creep into our lives in subtle ways, but it brings very public consequences. On the next Live the Promise Dr. John Townsend joins us to discuss the danger of the entitlement culture and how to overcome it. Then Focus on the Family’s Dr. Greg Smalley joins the program to talk about building and sustaining God-centered relationships.

Thursday, February 4 – Glynnis Whitwer/Taming the To-Do List; Peter and Carolyn Haas (In Studio); Broken Escalators – Are you living with an endless to-do list? Listen as Susie talks with Glynnis Whitwer (WITT-werr) of Proverbs 31 ministries about driving our schedule instead of letting it drive us. Then, how can we think about success and obstacles from God’s perspective? Pastor Peter and Carolyn Haas join us to talk about faith, success, and God’s presence.

Friday, February 5 – David Ireland/The Weapon of Prayer; Alex Early/The Reckless Love of God (Both Hours Recorded) – We sometimes think of prayer as a pastime – but God intended it to be a weapon. On the Friday edition of Live the Promise Dr. David Ireland talks about using prayer to overcome darkness. Then Pastor Alex Early returns for a conversation about God’s amazing, reckless love for His people.

Saturday, February 6 – Emily Freeman – Simply Tuesday – When we’re out of breath, God calls us to pause and seek Him. And we can find Him anywhere, even in the mundane moments of washing dishes or driving in traffic. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with author Emily P. Freeman. We explore how to see God in everyday moments of life.