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October 31 - November 5, 2016

Monday, October 31 – Kenneth Boa/Rewriting Your Broken Story; Alex McFarland/ God You Thought You Knew (Recorded) How do you fix a broken story? On the Friday edition of Live the Promise, author Ken Boa joins Susie to unpack how we can rewrite our broken stories through the power of an eternal perspective. Then, apologist Alex McFarland exposes the 10 biggest myths about Christianity from his book, The God You Thought You Knew.

Tuesday, November 1 – Dr. Russel Jeung - At Home in Exile; Preston Sprinkle - Go (Bill Arnold Hosts)- What if you felt like an exile in the place you were supposed to call home? On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise, Dr. Russel Jeung (Jung) joins the program to share the joyful and harrowing story of how he found Jesus among his ancestors and refugee neighbors. Then, Preston Sprinkle returns to unpack his book Go: Returning Discipleship to the Front Lines of Faith.

Wednesday, November 2 – Don Bierle/ Faith Search; J. Kevin Butcher/ Choose + Choose Again (Bill Arnold Hosts) - We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but what evidence is there to support it? On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise, Don Bierle (Byerly) from Faith Search International joins the program to unpack how his ministry uncovers the astonishing evidence for Biblical faith. Then, Kevin Butcher joins us to discuss the power of choosing to return to God’s love over and over again.

Thursday, November 3 – Kevin Gerald/ Good Things; David White/ Between Heaven and Hollywood (Bill Arnold hosts) – Do you know that God is good, but sometimes struggle to see His goodness all around you? On the Thursday edition of Live the Promise, Kevin Gerald joins the show to talk about how we can see our lives through the lens of God’s favor as we unpack his book Good Things. Then, David White, producer of the film God’s Not Dead joins us to how we can chase our God-given dreams.

Friday, November 4 – Jenny Simmons - The Road to Becoming; Michael Brown - The Grace Controversy (Recorded) - Does your life often NOT go as planned? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise, we’ll hear Susie’s conversation with singer songwriter Jenny Simmons about how we can rediscover our lives when things don’t go the way we originally intended. Then Dr. Michael Brown joins Susie to unpack the sometimes controversial topic of grace.

Saturday, November 5 – Paul Coughlin/ No More Christian Nice Guy What if being thought of as “nice” wasn’t really a complement at all? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, we’ll hear Susie’s conversation with Paul Coughlin, award-winning author and founder of The Protectors. He’ll help us understand how being nice instead of good actually hurts men, women, and children as they unpack his book, No More Christian Nice Guy.