conversations that bring scripture to life

March 21-26, 2016

Monday, March 21 – Jen Pollock Michel/Teach Us to Want; Randy Frazee/Think, Act, Be Like Jesus (Bill Arnold Hosts) – What does it mean to have God-shaped desires? On the next Live the Promise you’ll hear guest host Bill Arnold talk with Jen Pollock Michel about what it means to redeem our desires. Then pastor and author Randy Frazee joins the program. He talks about what it means to think like Jesus and the practical ways that our beliefs inform the way we live.

Tuesday, March 22 – Ken Babington/Not My God; Julie Woodley (In Studio)/The Healing Power of God (Bill Arnold Hosts) – No one is beyond God’s redemption. On the next Live the Promise guest host Bill Arnold talks with pastor Ken Babington. He shares the riveting account of how Jesus changed the heart of a man in prison for murder. Then Julie Woodley joins Bill in studio to talk about the power God uses to heal us from abuse and give us new purpose in Him.

Wednesday, March 23 – Derwin Gray/Reconciliation; Nabeel Qureshi/Answering Jihad (Hour 2 Recorded) Jesus came to break down barriers between ethnic groups. On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise Susie and pastor Derwin Gray talk about how the cross brings reconciliation. Then we hear a powerful testimony from author Nabeel Qureshi, who grew up in a Muslim family but came to faith in Christ. We’ll explore how we as Christians can respond to ISIS and Jihad.

Thursday, March 24 – Stu Epperson/The Last Words of Jesus; Mark Alan (In Studio)/The Artist’s Corner – Each statement of Jesus from the cross is packed with meaning and love. Listen as Susie and Stu Epperson talk about the most powerful sermon Jesus ever gave. Then musician and worship leader Mark Alan joins us in studio with his guitar. We’ll walk through Jesus’ final days and talk about how to remember His sacrifice.

Friday, March 25 – Good Friday Meditations (Both Hours Recorded) – The Son of God died, so you could have life. On the Good Friday edition of Live the Promise we explore the person and legacy of Jesus with input from John Ortberg and John Eldredge. Then Michael Card and Stephen Mansfield share their thoughts on the last hours of Jesus’ life, and what His death and resurrection mean for us today.

Saturday, March 26 – Lee Strobel – The Case for Grace – Jesus’ death for us was proof of God’s grace to us. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with author and former atheist Lee Strobel. We look at the evidence for our unfailing hope, based on Jesus’ resurrection, and also talk about why faith isn’t based on works, but based on God’s power and grace.