conversations that bring scripture to life

March 7-12, 2016

Monday, March 7 – Ron Rhodes/Bible Answers! – What are we to do with passages in Scripture that are challenging to understand? Listen as Susie welcomes back scholar Ron Rhodes for the March edition of Bible Answers. He’ll address your questions on the end times, the nature of Christ, and more!

Tuesday, March 8 – Adam McHugh/The Listening Life; Andy Crouch/Strength and Weakness – We live in a world that is loud and clamors for our attention. On the next Live the Promise pastor Adam McHugh joins us to explore how to cultivate attentiveness and patience in a busy, harried world. Then Susie talks with Andy Crouch about true flourishing. We can be sidetracked by strength or by weakness – and true flourishing comes by properly understanding both.

Wednesday, March 9 – Nicki Koziarz/5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit; Dr. Greg Smalley/Relationships (Hour 2 Recorded) – When things get tough, we can be tempted to walk away. On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with Nicki Koziarz (KO-zee-ar) of Proverbs 31 ministries. We’ll talk about how to cultivate perseverance in a culture of quitting. Then Focus on the Family’s Dr. Greg Smalley joins the program to talk about building and sustaining God-centered relationships.

Thursday, March 10 – Dr. Troy Spurrill (In Studio)/Healthy Living; Glenn Stanton/The Ring Makes All the Difference – God wired us as integrated beings. On the next Live the Promise Dr. Troy Spurrill (SPURR-ell) joins us in studio for a fascinating conversation about the connections between our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Then Glenn Stanton talks about the power of the marriage covenant and what happens when a couple decides to live together before marriage.

Friday, March 11 – Terri Roberts/Forgiven; Chris Fabry/Novel Talk (Both Hours Recorded) – After a son does the unthinkable, how can a mother go on? On the Friday edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with Terri Roberts, mother of the Amish schoolhouse shooter, about God’s power to heal. Then we’ll hear Susie’s conversation with radio host Chris Fabry about his new novel, based on the movie War Room.

Saturday, March 12 – Adam Stadtmiller/Praying for Your Elephant – Do you pray for things you can accomplish without God’s help? God calls us to pray for things that display His power and glory. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with author and pastor Adam Stadtmiller. He joined us to challenge us to pray for big, audacious things – like an elephant.