conversations that bring scripture to life

April 4-9, 2015

Monday, April 4 – Ron Rhodes – Bible Answers What are we to do with passages in Scripture that are challenging to understand? Listen as guest host Bill Arnold is joined by scholar Ron Rhodes for the April edition of Bible Answers. He’ll address your questions on free will, the truth of Scripture, God’s Trinitarian nature, and more!

Tuesday, April 5 – Danny Huerta/Overcoming Trauma; Ray Johnston/Jesus Wants His Church Back – When something unexpected comes into our life, we try to manage the effects on our own. Listen as Susie talks with counselor Danny Huerta of Focus on the Family about how to let God heal us from traumatic experiences. Then Pastor Ray Johnston shares God’s original plan for the church and what it means to live a radical, sacrificial faith.

Wednesday, April 6 – Brad Hewitt (In Studio)/Your New Money Mindset; Dr. Jeremiah Johnston/Unanswered When God gives us resources, we’re called to use them to bless others. On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise, Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial, offers wise counsel for handling money. Then Dr. Jeremiah Johnston returns to the program to tackle the biggest questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity.

Thursday, April 7 – Sheila Walsh/The Longing in Me; Dr. Troy Spurrill (In Studio)/Health and Healing – What can we learn from the life of King David? On the next Live the Promise Susie talks with author Sheila Walsh. We’ll look at the life of David and talk about how God fills the longings of our hearts. Then Dr. Troy Spurrill (SPURR-ell) joins us in studio. We’ll have a fascinating conversation about the connections between our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Friday, April 8 – Skip Heitzig/Beyond Normal; Lisa Anderson/The Dating Manifesto (Both Hours Recorded) – What does it mean to live with integrity? Listen as Susie and Pastor Skip Heitzig (HYTE-zigg) explore holding to our biblical values in a world that encourages compromise. Then Focus on the Family’s Lisa Anderson joins us to offer a manifesto for dating at every age and stage of life.

Saturday, April 9 – Carey Scott – Untangling Your Emotions – There are many things from our past that can sidetrack us – fear, anxiety, hurt, and bitterness. But we can learn to let them go and move toward peace and joy. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by author Carey Scott. She joined us to offer help to women who are struggling to untangle their emotions.