conversations that bring scripture to life

June 20-25, 2016

Monday, June 20 – Steve Brown/Hidden Agendas; Susie/Women of Extraordinary Faith – We each have an agenda that drives our lives. On the next Live the Promise we’ll welcome back radio host Steve Brown. He explores how to remove our masks and live authentic lives. Then Susie takes your calls and walks through Ace Collin’s book, Stories Behind Women of Extraordinary Faith.

Tuesday, June 21 – Suzie Eller/Come With Me; Dr. Philip Nation/Habits for our Holiness – Do you struggle with Jesus’ open-ended invitation to come with Him? On the next Live the Promise we hear from author Suzie Eller. She explores how to follow Jesus regardless of where He might lead. Then Susie talks with Dr. Philip Nation. We’ll walk through the different disciplines that strengthen our faith and cause us to grow more mature as followers of Christ.

Wednesday, June 22 – Holly Wagner/Find Your Brave; Dr. Michael Guillen/Amazing Truths! – When you’re facing a challenge and in over your head, God can be your strength. On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise we talk with author Holly Wagner about the storms of life and how God meets us in them. Then Susie talks with Dr. Michael Guillen. We take a look at God’s creation and how understanding science and the Bible can deepen our faith.

Thursday, June 23 – Lorraine Marie Varela/Love in the Face of ISIS; Chip Ingram/Scripture Memory – Persecution can drive us to prayer instead of fear. Listen to Susie’s conversation with Lorraine Marie Varela. We unpack seven strategies of prayer to use in the face of the ISIS crisis. Then Faith Radio programmer Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge joins us. We’ll talk about the importance of Scripture memory and what it means for God’s Word to be our sword.

Friday, June 24 – Don Finto/Your People Shall Be My People; Nabeel Qureshi/Answering Jihad (BOTH HOURS RECORDED) – What are God’s plans for the nation of Israel? On the next Live The Promise Susie talks with Don Finto of Caleb Company. We unpack God’s heart for the Jewish people and how we as believers can partner with them. Then we hear a powerful testimony from author Nabeel Qureshi, who grew up in a Muslim family but came to faith in Christ. We’ll explore how we as Christians can respond to ISIS and Jihad.

Saturday, June 25 – Frank Shelton Jr. – We are those who worship the King of kings. In the face of that truth, who can be against us? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise we hear Susie’s conversation with evangelist Frank Shelton Jr. He has a passion for sharing the gospel with others, and he unpacks what it means to carry the Spirit of the Living God inside of us.