conversations that bring scripture to life

June 6-11, 2016

Monday, June 6 – Ron Rhodes – Bible Answers! – God has equipped us to know Him, through His Word and His people. What do you want to learn about Him? On the next Live the Promise Susie welcomes back Bible scholar Dr. Ron Rhodes for the June edition of Bible Answers. We’ll dig into God’s Word and look at His character, sovereignty, and power in our lives, while we address your Bible questions!

Tuesday, June 7 – Marcus Warner/Rare Leadership; Randy Frazee/Believe – What does it mean to lead well? On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with author Dr. Marcus Warner about the 4 habits we can use to increase the trust and engagement of those we work with. Then we talk with pastor Randy Frazee of Oak Hills Church. We explore the foundations of faith, how to know what you believe, and how our beliefs to inform our daily lives.

Wednesday, June 8 – Bethany Winz/One Dress, One Year; Dr. Greg Smalley/Relationships – One small gesture can leave a significant impact. On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise we talk with Bethany Winz. She shares what happened when she wore the same dress each day, for one year, to raise awareness about human trafficking. Then Focus on the Family’s Dr. Greg Smalley talks about God’s design for relationships, and how to honor and love each other in a way that honors God.

Thursday, June 9 – Susie/Book Talk; Greg and Julie Gorman/Two Are Better Than One – What can we learn from those before us who walked closely with God? Listen as Susie walks through Ace Collin’s book, Stories Behind Women of Extraordinary Faith. Then we welcome back Greg and Julie Gorman. They share God’s purpose for marriage and steps to take to discover the vision He has for you and your spouse.

Friday, June 10 – David Dark/Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious; Ron Jones/Mysteries of the Afterlife (BOTH HOURS RECORDED) – We can make an effort to look past labels and seek to build genuine relationships with others. On the next Live the Promise Dr. David Dark joins us to talk about the importance of understanding the worldviews of others. Then we hear Susie’s conversation with radio host Dr. Ron Jones about heaven, hell, and the reality of the afterlife for those who trust in Christ.

Saturday, June 11 – Elyse Fitzpatrick – What are you turning to for direction, comfort, and meaning? If we run to something other than God, we’ll always find a sense of emptiness. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by author Elyse Fitzpatrick. Elyse challenges us to find and remove the idols in our hearts, and shares what it looks like to put God back on the throne of your life.