conversations that bring scripture to life

August 15-20, 2016

Monday, August 15 – Elizabeth Brown/ Standing Up When Life Falls Down Around You; Mark Schaller/ The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations – When your life feels out of control, how do you respond? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise, Susie welcomes professional counselor Elizabeth Brown as she offers us practical advice for moving through hard times. Then, author Mary Schaller joins the program to unpack the 9 arts of spiritual conversations as she explains how we can walk alongside people who believe differently.

Tuesday, August 16 – Lisa Bevere/ Without Rival; Ruth Everhart/ Ruined – Are you tired of playing the comparison game and looking at others as rivals instead of friends? On the next Live the Promise welcomes author and speaker Lisa Bevere to unpack how we can stop seeing people as rivals and instead make the deep connections with God that we long for. Also, author Ruth Everhart joins Susie to share spiritual insights about faith, forgiveness, and the will of God from her memoir Ruined.

Wednesday, August 17 – Bruce Wilkinson/ The Freedom Factor; Dr. Greg Smalley/Parenting – Do you struggle with un-forgiveness? On the next Live the Promise, Susie welcomes author Dr. Bruce Wilkinson to the program as they unpack his book The Freedom Factor. They discuss how we can find peace with God by forgiving others and ourselves. Then, Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley return to talk about what God has been teaching them about marriage and parenting. 

Thursday, August 18 - Steve Brown/ Hidden Agendas; Matthew Sorens/ Seeking Refuge – Do you ever feel like your relationships aren’t what they should be? On the next Live the Promise, author and radio host Steve Brown joins Susie. He explains how we can drop our masks and experience God’s love which has the power to propel us into the real relationships we thought we’d never have. Then, Matthew Sorens from World Relief joins Susie to unpack how Christians should respond to the refuge crisis. 

Friday, August 19 - Paul Borthwick/ Great Commission, Great Compassion (Live); Kent Annan/ Slow Kingdom Coming (Recorded) - Do you find yourself saying you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, but not really acting like one? On the next Live the Promise, author Paul Borthwick joins Susie to unpack our call as Christians to follow Jesus into all the world. Then, you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with Kent Annan as they discuss how we can stay committed to making God’s Kingdom come here on earth.

Saturday, August 20 – Jill Savage/ Better Together – Are you a mom but feel like you’re doing it all by yourself? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with Jill Savage of Hearts at Home. They explore the power of community and how mothers can build deep relationships instead of living in isolation.