conversations that bring scripture to life

January 2-7, 2017

Monday, January 2 – Brad Hewitt/ Money Mindset; Tessa Afhsar/ Land of Silence (Recorded) – When God gives us resources, we’re called to use them to bless others. On the Monday edition of Live the Promise Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial, joins Susie in studio to offer wise counsel for handling money. Then Susie is joined by novelist Tessa Afshar. She shares the story of her new novel based on the woman who found healing by touching Jesus’ cloak.


Tuesday, January 3 – Mark and Jill Alan/ Artist’s Corner; Andy Farmer/ Trapped – On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise Mark and Jill Alan from Emmanuel Live join Susie to share some of their latest music on the latest installment of the Artist’s Corner. Then, Andy Farmer joins the program to help us understand how we can get free from people, patterns, and problems as we unpack his book Trapped.


Wednesday, January 4 – Emerson Eggerichs/ Mother & Son; Colin Smith/ Momentum – Love is important, but respect is the key to your son’s heart. On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise, Emerson Eggerichs joins Susie to unpack his book Mother & Son: The Respect Effect. Then, Pastor Colin Smith returns to the program to help us pursue God’s blessings through the beatitudes as we unpack his book Momentum.


Thursday, January 5 Brady Boyd/ Speak Life; Caleb Anderson/ Favor with Kings Why do so many of our conversations with one another lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings? On the Thursday edition of Live the Promise, Brady Boyd joins Susie to explain how we can restore healthy communication in how we think, talk, and pray. Then, Caleb Anderson joins the program to unpack his book Favor with Kings: God’s Purpose, Your Passion, and the Process of Doing Great Things


Friday, January 6 – Chris and Megan Shook Alpha/ Beauty Begins; Nika Maples/ Hunting for Hope (Recorded) Culture tells us many things, but God sees our value and beauty perfectly. On the Friday edition of Live the Promise Chris Shook and her daughter Megan Shook Alpha share God’s definition of beauty. Then Nika Maples joins Susie to share her incredible recovery from a stroke that nearly took her life, and what it means that God alone is our source of true hope.


Saturday, January 7 – Ken Wytsma/ Create vs Copy God has given us the capacity to create. How can we use that to lead and empower others? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear Susie exciting conversation with Ken Wytsma of Antioch Church about creativity and faith as they unpack his book Create vs Copy.