conversations that bring scripture to life

October 30 - November 4, 2017

Monday, October 30 – Dr. Chris Thurman – Lies We Believe about God; Jeremy Camp – The Answer – On the Monday edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with Dr. Chris Thurman. He joins the program to share how we can know God for who He really is. Then, singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp joins Susie as they celebrate his new album, The Answer


Tuesday, October 31 – Jess Connolly – Dance, Stand, Run; Mark Batterson – Whisper – What happens when we grasp grace, but forget about holiness? On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise, Jess Connolly joins Susie as they unpack her book Dance, Stand, Run: The God-Inspired Moves of a Woman on Holy Ground. Then, Mark Batterson shares some practical ways we can hear the voice of God.


Wednesday, November 1 – Dr. Greg Smalley – Marriage; Carmen Laberge – Speak truth – On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise, Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley return to share more practical insight on life and marriage. Then, Carmen Laberge joins the program to share how we can bring God back into every conversation as they discuss her book Speak the Truth.


Thursday, November 2 – Alisa Keeton – Wellness Revelation; TTMT – What would it take for you to make some radical changes in your life? On the Thursday edition of Live the Promise, Alisa Keeton returns to the program to share how you can lose what weighs you down so you can love God, yourself, and others. Then, it’s another edition of Talk To Me Thursday. This week, the question is “If you could have a do-over in one area of your life, what would it be?”


Friday, November 3 – Best of; Tim Muehlhoff – Winsome Persuasion - Did you miss any of the Live the Promise shows from earlier this week? Or maybe one truly inspired you and you’d love to hear it again? On the Friday edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear parts of some of the best conversations from earlier this week. Then, Tim Muehlhoff shares how we can exercise our Christian influence in a post-Christian world   


Saturday, November 4 – Dean Niewolny – Trade up – What does it take to feel good and do good at work? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, Dean Niewolny, CEO of the Halftime Institute joins Susie to share about his book Trade Up. Dean will share how we can move from just making money to making a difference.