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June 12 - 17, 2017

Monday, June 12 – Aubrey Sampson – Overcomer; Jason Mitchell – No Easy Jesus - Have you allowed shame to condemn and confine you? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise, Aubrey Sampson joins Susie to share how we can break down our walls of shame and rebuild our souls. Then, author Jason Mitchell joins the program to share how the toughest choices lead to the greatest life.


Tuesday, June 13 – Bo and Gary Mitchell – Grace Behind Bars; Wilma Derksen - Way of Letting Go – What if God’s love is a gift and not something we must earn? On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise, Bo and Gary Mitchell join the program to dicuss their book Grace Behind Bars: An Unexpected Path to True Freedom. Then, Wilma Derksen joins Susie to share how letting go of 15 misconceptions about grief led her back to hope.


Wednesday, June 14 – Dan and Sandy Adler – Ministry to Native Americans; Ann Swindell – Still Waiting How is God moving in the lives of the Native American community? On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise, Dan and Sandy Adler return to the program to share inspiring stories of how God is moving in the lives of Native Americans. Then, Ann Swindell joins Susie to share some hope for when God doesn’t give you what you want.   


Thursday, June 15 – Dr. Troy Spurrill – Health and Healing Scripture says that our bodies are temples of the Living God. But what does it really mean to steward our bodies well? On the Thursday edition of Live the Promise Dr. Troy Spurrill from the Synapse Center for Health and Healing joins Susie in studio for both hours to take your calls and answer your questions as we discuss the health and healing of the mind, body and spirit.


Friday, June 16 – Best Of; Dr. Thomas Blee – How To Save a Surgeon – Did you miss any of the Live the Promise shows from earlier this week? Or maybe one truly inspired you and you’d love to hear it again? On the Friday edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear parts of some of the best conversations from earlier this week. Then, Dr. Thomas Blee joins Susie to share some amazing stories of impossible healing.     


Saturday, June 17 – Tommy Brown – Seven Money Types What does it mean to find true financial well-being? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, author Tommy Brown joins Susie to help us discover how God wired each of us to handle money. Tommy shares how understanding your money type can help you reduce financial tension and help you grow financially from a faith-based perspective.