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June 26 - July 1, 2017

Monday, June 26 – Mandisa – Artist’s Corner; Kyle Idleman – Grace is Greater (Re-air) Do you ever wonder if God is still able to use you, even in the worst circumstances? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear Susie’s amazing conversation with Mandisa, as they celebrate her album Out Of The Dark. Then, Kyle Idleman joins the program to share God’s plan to overcome your past, redeem your pain, and rewrite your story. 


Tuesday, June 27 – Thann Bennett – In Search of the King; Kim Cash Tate – Cling Does your life lack meaning and purpose? On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise, Thann Bennett joins Susie to explain how we can turn our desire for meaning into the discovery of God. Then, Kim Cash Tate joins the program to share how we can intentionally choose a lifestyle of intimacy with God.


Wednesday, June 28 – J. Warner Wallace – Forensic Faith (Re-air); Mark Batterson – Play The Man – Is your Christian faith based more on feelings then concrete evidence? On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with J. Warner Wallace as he makes the case for a more reasonable, evidential Christian faith. Then, Mark Batterson returns to the program to unpack his book Play the Man: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be.


Thursday, June 29 - Jennifer Rothschild – Me, Myself, and Lies ; TTMT Have you ever noticed the way you talk to yourself? On the Thursday edition of Live the Promise, Jennifer Rothschild joins Susie to celebrate her book Me, Myself, and Lies: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself. Then it’s another edition of Talk to Me Thursday. This week the question is, pretend like you were going to make a trade with Jesus, what would you want Him to give you, and what would He want you to give Him?


Friday, June 30 – Best Of; Kyle Winkler – Activating the Power of God’s Word Did you miss any of the Live the Promise shows from earlier this week? Or maybe one truly inspired you and you’d love to hear it again? On the Friday edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear parts of some of the best conversations from earlier this week. Then Kyle Winkler shares 16 strategic ways we can activate the power of God’s Word to transform our lives.


Saturday, July 01 – Robia Scott – Counterfeit Comforts Where do you turn to for comfort? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, author Robia Scott joins the program to share how we can overcome what we are being overcome by. Robia will be unpacking her book Counterfeit Comforts: Freedom from the Imposters That Keep You from True Peace, Purpose, and Passion.