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July 31 - August 5, 2017

Monday, July 31 – Gene Mcguire – Unshackled; Cherie Calbom – Guide to Fasting – Could you imagine serving a life sentence for a murder you didn’t commit? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise, Gene Mcguire joins Susie to share how he found true life while serving a life sentence in prison. Then, Cherie Calbom joins the program to share how we can cleanse and revitalize our bodies the healthy way.


Tuesday, August 1 – Robert Morgan – Biblical Mediation; Adam McHugh – Introverts in the Church – Do you long to deeper your intimacy with the Lord, but don’t know how? On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise, Robert Morgan returns to share how we can reclaim the lost art of Biblical mediation. Then, Adam McHugh is back to celebrate the re-release of his book Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture.   


Wednesday, August 2 – Aaron Tredway – Outrageous; Sam Storms – Practicing the Power – Does your life lack purpose and meaning? On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise, author Aaron Tredway joins the program to share how we can awake to the unexpected adventures of everyday faith. Then, Sam Storms joins Susie to unpack his book, Practicing the Power: Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Your Life.


Thursday, August 3 – Robby Gallaty – Forgotten Jesus; TTMT – On the Thursday edition of Live the Promise, author Robby Gallaty joins the program to unpack his book The Forgotten Jesus: How Western Christians Should Follow an Eastern Rabbi. Then, it’s another edition of Talk To Me Thursday. This week the question is what makes you mad, sad, and glad.


Friday, August 4 – Best Of: Phil Hotsenpiller – One Nation Without Law – Did you miss any of the Live the Promise shows from earlier this week? Or maybe one truly inspired you and you’d love to hear it again? On the Friday edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear parts of some of the best conversations from earlier this week. Then, Phil Hotsenpiller shares a dynamic, practical, faith-filled response to the evil rising around us.


Saturday, August 5 – Michele Phoenix – Of Stillness and Storm – What happens when we pursue ministry at the expense of those we closest to us? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, you’ll hear Susie’s conversation with author Michele Phoenix. She joins Susie for another edition of Novel Talk as we unpack her book Of Stillness and Storm.