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July 28 - August 2, 2014

Monday, July 28 – Liz Curtis Higgs (Recurring)/Susie Larson – Redemption Stories/The Uncommon Life – What past decision or event has God redeemed in your life? On this edition of Live the Promise Liz Curtis Higgs returns to the program to talk about how God turns negative things in our lives for good. Then we’ll take your calls as Susie unpacks what makes an uncommon Christian.

Tuesday, July 29 – Holley Gerth/Bill and Pam Farrel – You’re Going to Be Okay/Gender Differences When we encounter disappointment, God’s promises are still true. Listen as Susie welcomes author and life coach Holley Gerth back to the program to talk about how to trust God’s promises in hard times. Then we hear from Bill and Pam Farrel about appreciating our partner’s strengths and weaknesses.

Wednesday, July 30 – Leslie Vernick/Dr. Greg Smalley – Emotional Health/Relationships We all encounter conflict in our relationships, but how can we know when that conflict becomes destructive? Listen as Susie talks with counselor Leslie Vernick about how to recognize and respond to unhealthy dynamics. We’ll also hear from Susie’s good friend Dr. Greg Smalley, who will field your questions on building strong relationships.

Thursday, July 31 – Theme Show/Scott and Bethany Palmer – Muslim Witness/Finding Your Money Personality – We’re seeing a lot of turmoil in the Middle East right now, but many are being moved into the Church. On this edition of Live the Promise we hear powerful stories from Muslim-background believers who now follow Jesus as the Messiah. Then we’ll unpack the five money personalities with The Money Couple, Scott and Bethany Palmer!

Friday, August 1 – Bo Stern/Arlene Pellicane (Recorded) – Ruthless God/Choosing Happiness in Marriage – Do you know the God Who comes alongside you and fights for you? Listen to Susie’s powerful discussion with Bo Stern. Her husband has been battling ALS for three years, and she shares what they’ve learned about the God who is ruthless on our behalf. Then Arlene Pellicane shares how to maintain a positive attitude in your life and marriage.

Saturday, August 2 – Dr. Warren Wiersbe – Wisdom from Scripture Think of the phrase, “I am with you always.” God can say SO MUCH to us in just five words. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise you’ll hear Susie’s discussion with Dr. Warren Wiersbe. We look at powerful, five-word statements from the Bible that bring us hope, joy, and reflection on God’s promises.