Are you worn out from life’s 
ought-to’s and should-do’s?

It’s so easy to give away our time to things un-appointed by God. We commit to something because it’s a good cause or there’s a great need. Or maybe because no one else will help out. The result? The days blur together and we find ourselves overworked and underjoyed, desperate for a faith awakening.

In this practical and liberating book, Susie shares biblical ways to:
• Learn how—and when—to say no without guilt or shame
• Find a pace and perspective that matches God’s best for you
• Discern man-made obligations from God-given invitations

Will you say yes to the One who will rejuvenate your soul?

Includes Reflection Questions for Personal or Group Use.

In six powerful 25-minute sessions that expand on her book Your Sacred Yes, Susie Larson explores more deeply how God can help you live out each day in a way that honors Him and strengthens you. Each session focuses on biblical ways to discern God’s best for you:

  1. Say Yes to God’s Wisdom and Power
  2. Say Yes to God’s Provision and His Invitation
  3. Say Yes to Living Free and to Humility
  4. Say Yes to Your Worth and God’s Best
  5. Say Yes to Necessary Change and Divine Momentum
  6. Say Yes to Your God-Given Influence and to a Life That Counts


Together, Your Sacred Yes and this DVD make an ideal six-week study—whether you meet in a large group at church or in a smaller, more intimate gathering at home.

“It’s time to reclaim our days so that our moments matter in the greater scheme of things.”
—Susie Larson

Note to leaders: Each DVD session serves as a catalyst for group discussion and can be viewed before or after reading the corresponding chapters.

The Your Sacred Yes workbook goes beyond the Reflection Questions provided in the book and DVD, connecting the message to additional Scripture passages and inviting you to think more deeply about how to apply what you’ve learned to your life.


What People Are Saying About Your Sacred Yes

“If your days feel more life-draining than life-giving, let Susie Larson show you how to reclaim the joyful, fruitful life God wants for you.”

Mark Batterson, bestselling author and lead pastor of National Community Church

“Susie really opened my eyes to look for God’s best when deciding where I spend my time.  He doesn’t give up on us because we made mistakes. He has a design and purpose to fulfill, and the enemy would love nothing more than to take us out with exhaustion and wasted time.”

Caroline Barnett, co-pastor of The Dream Center and author of Willing to Walk on Water

“Your Sacred Yes will empower and equip you to say yes to a life of freedom, fulfillment, and significance. Say yes!”

Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of and author of From This Day Forward

“If you find yourself in the rat race of life, Your Sacred Yes will give you the courage to slow down and say yes to the right things.”

Pastor Nate and Jodi Ruch, Emmanuel Christian Center

 “This is such a timely book for all of us.”

Brady Boyd, pastor of New Life Church and author of Addicted to Busy


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Quotes from Your Sacred Yes 
"Nothing drains us more", "Though God calls us…",
"We're called to…""The beautiful thing…",
"Even Jesus got weary", "In God's yes…"
"We miss out on God's best", "Fear stirs,  Love opens",
"Every hard thing God asks"

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Faith Declaration Bookmark

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Faith Declaration every time you read.


Let Susie guide your group with the DVD Study
Companion, which includes six 25-minute
segments that cover and expand on the material
in the book, two chapters at a time.


Watch the short introductions to each teaching segment:

Session #1: Say Yes to God's Wisdom and Power

Session #2: Say Yes to God's Provision and His Invitation

Session #3: Say Yes to Living Free and to Humility

Session #5: Say Yes to Necessary Change and Divine Momentum

Session #4: Say Yes to Your Worth and God's Best

Session #6: Say Yes to Your God-Given Influence and to a Life that Counts